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    Hi there,

    First I would like to apologize if this topic has been asked before. I tried a search but did not find an solution for our problem.

    We have currently the following production environment;
    * Windows Server 2003 domain (domain name: domain1.intern)
    * Exchange 2003

    I set up a complete new environment (all virtual);
    * Windows Server 2008R2 domain (domain name: domain2.local)
    * Exchange 2010

    We have just 25 users and made the decision that we create all our users from scratch in our new domain.
    It’s just a good time to start from the beginning, cause there are some expansion thought with the company ;)

    What is the best way to get the the data out of our Exchange 2003 server and put it back in to the Exchange 2010 server.
    We also want to support the old email address of the users.

    I read something of archiving the 2003 mailbox to a pst-file and then importing it as a archive in 2010. This is not what we want . . . if there is a possible way to use the 2003 mailbox > 2010 mailbox

    Can anyone offer any insight on the best method of performing this task?

    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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