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    Hi everyone

    It has been a long weekend and ultimately painful. I aimed to complete a swing migration and nearly got all the way there, until I ran into two problems.

    These 2 problems may be related. Anyway, on with the story:

    1. I am migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2003 Premium on a new server using Swing Migration.

    2. The existing server runs Exchange, serves an ASP based webpage and also has SQL. We also run Outlook Web. The MX records are hosted by our external DNS provider and route to our external IP address.

    The problems I am having are:

    a) Can send but not receive external mail. Mail sent within the office/domain works fine. Mail sent to external addresses works fine.

    b) Outlook Web is no working. When I type the address in, eg., it reverts to a default IIS webpage.

    Any ideas where I may be going wrong? I know I should be googling and I have, but hoping some of you may have run into such problems before whilst migrating.

    For now I have plugged the old server back in and everything is back to normal, so this says to me that my external DNS entries are fine.

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