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    We have the following problem:

    When sending mail from some domains to our exchange mailserver it
    doesn’t arrive. If I check the SMTP server session activity I can
    see the Ip adress of the remote domain and it is connected around
    120-150 seconds, after that it just drop with this message in the

    2007-05-18 08:01:04 – SMTPSVC1 RESEXS1 0
    QUIT – – 240 129204 177 4 129204 SMTP – – – –

    (I have replaced the real IP with xxx)

    Nothing before and nothing after.

    We have checked the following

    The server is a 2003 SP2 with exchange 2003 and GFI Mail Essentials.

    We have unistalled GFI and the problem still exist.

    The MX records is correct on both our and the customers domain.

    They arent listed in any RBLs or so .

    Anyone has a clue?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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