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    I am using paradyne 6682 as bridged router and speedtouch 510 as main router trying to use mac filter feature in paradyne
    the main problem is I see Ghost computer on the network reserving multiple IPs at the same time statically and dynamically sometimes within different subnet
    to make more weird than it is , the MAC address doesn’t belong to any known company probably spoofed it is 9a:73:25:7c:54:67
    or some other times b2:cc:ba:e9:cb:ae
    more surprisingly the computer name is the same as another normal computer on the LAN I thought it is the same person and kicked him out but unfortunately it seems like he is innocent because lately the ghost appeared with my own computer name , so he is smarter than I thought , some people suggests it is a trojan
    it is worth mentioning that after kicking out the guy spoofing stopped for long time before started again
    I also saw the ARP table of paradyne poisoned by an entry putting the default gateway that is supposed to be speedtouch to the ghost MAC address instead of the speedtouch MAC address
    I am going insane

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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