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    I’ve just sorted out a machine for someone who had a corrupt pst file – had reached its limitation of 2GB and so had the nightmare scenario of running the PST2GB and Scanpst utilities several times at around 45 minutes each time :evil:

    I eventually copied his pst file across the network to another machine with Outlook 2003, where it was a bit more stable when opening the pst file. I created 2 new pst files and from the corrupt one, copied the files evenly between the 2 new pst files. I sent the 2 new pst files back to the users machine and put them into Outlook 2000.

    Outlook is now usable, but his contacts are now missing! He’s lost some emails as well, but I informed him that would happen using the PST2GB tool.

    Questions here are:

    Is the address book part of the pst file?

    When using the PST2GB tool to shed some of the size of the pst file, can it actually knock off the contacts/address book during this process?

    Grateful for any help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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