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    I’ve ran into problems a couple times with people outside of our organization not being able to read attachments. First, I solved the problem by having users switch their email format to HTML, instead of rich text. I ran into the problem again today, researched more, and found out that I could add a new remote domain and set it to never user Rich Text.

    Just in case someone out there Googles it – the recipients were getting an attachment called tnef.001, (tnef would be the common element here, I think). I was able to go to the Exchange Management Console, Organization Configuration, Hub Transport, created a new remote domain for the recipient’s domain, and set the Exchange rich-text format to “Never use”. I sent another test attachment and the problem was solved.

    Anyways, back to the question at hand. I’ve encouraged all the users here to send messages in HTML format. I sent an email to everyone in my office explaining how to set the default. I’d rather not have to rely on the users having their default set correctly, though. I’m very tempted to just set rich-text to “Never” on the Default * remote domain.

    I tested with my gmail account and found out that having gmail.com set this way caused a message I set from Outlook as Rich Text to get converted to HTML/Plain Text instead. Seems like Exchange did a decent job with the HTML conversion, changing brackets to > < so

    in rich text translated to

    when viewed as HTML. The one problem I noted was a text box in the email was lost altogether.

    Are there other thoughts about the risks of setting all remote domains to never use rich text? It seems that it may solve more problems than it creates to me, but I’d like to hear what those with experience have to say.


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