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    hi there! here’s what i wanna do:

    we have a huge folder (all psd’s and ai’s) that we’re going to back up to tape on a nightly basis. this folder has had no cleanup performed on it, ever. there’s some really old stuff that’s already been archived (via a full system backup), but as of now, stuff that doesn’t get touched or used will be getting backed up. don’t wanna do that. so i’m looking for an auto-archiving program that will monitor a folder(s) of my choosing and move anything of a certain age, determined by me, to another folder, at a time determined by me. for example:

    every night at 10pm, this program would look at the ‘last modified’ date of every file in said folder, and if it’s 2 years old, it’ll move out of this folder into another folder, which is excluded from the backup. hopefully this program is smart enough to keep the folder structure intact. so…

    anyone know of anything like that?


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