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    I have a strange problem with my WinXP SP3:
    During my work I need to change from time to time 2 types of network connections: the local Ethernet and the outside internet.
    My network card is configured for DHCP so it gets an IP automatically when needed network cable is connected.
    I have several files on my desktop that I’m working with during my work day (and not on the desktop). So the problem starts immediately after changing the network (switching between the LAN cables) – my files that worked previously very fast , now takes lot’s of time to be opened. For example: double click on Excel file takes about 3-4 minutes to be opened. When I opens Excel application and open the file from “inside” (File->open file->…)

    If I wont to make my file to be opened quickly I should perform “ipconfig/release”. Immediately after this command all my stacked applications pop-ups and works good, untill I’m connecting to the network or switching the networks one more time…..

    Please assist.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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