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    Windows 2003/2008 servers, two AD’s. One exch 2007 standard ed server.

    Our Logs keep building even after backup jobs are done, using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 for backup. Jobs complete 100% over night. But over the last two weeks the log files don’t decrease, had to place a call in with MS yesterday for a hefty $515 fee. below is what we did to clear the logs but my main question is why does this keep happening, no answer of course.

    please help/suggestions.

    Need an assistances to mount mailbox database on exchange 2007 “bmp-exch

    + We found that we have is database drive running out of space and all database got dismounted

    + We found that database “applikonusa“,”metrohm-na” and “mp-ic” are on D Drive and his few KB free space

    + We also found all exchange service were in stopped state by running following command

    Get-Service ‘msexchange*’

    + We also found that all database was in clean shut down by running ESEUTIL /MH command

    + After that we ran following command to set all database “Do not mount at start up

    Get-MailboxDatabase | Set-MailboxDatabase -MountAtStartup $false

    Get-PublicFolderDatabase | Set-PublicFolderDatabase -MountAtStartup $false

    + After that we started all exchange service by running following command

    Get-Service ‘msexchange*’ | Start-Service

    + Then check for the database log file size on D Drive and found database “applikonusa” log folder size was 107GB and the database “metrohm-na” log folder was very small in size MB

    + So we first started with small database trouble shooting with small database on D Drive

    1. We created NEW folder on D drive and move all log file to NEW folder for “metrohm-na” database

    2. Then we go to EMC and properties of the “metrohm-na” database and select option “This database can be over written by restore

    3. After that run following command to mount database

    Get-MailboxDatabase metrohm-na | Mount-Database

    4. We found database mounted with no error and check on D Drive and found new generation of log file start creating

    5. After that we ran following command to Dismount

    Get-MailboxDatabase metrohm-na | Dismount-Database

    6. Then we go to D Drive and delete New folder one which we created to move all old log file for “metrohm-na” database

    7. After that we found from KB it come to MB free space on D Drive

    + We followed same step for “applikonusa“,and “mp-ic” database and then we check on D Drive and found 110GB free space

    + After that we ran following command to remove “Do not mount at start up” option for all database

    Get-PublicFolderDatabase | Set-PublicFolderDatabase -MountAtStartup $true

    Get-MailboxDatabase | Set-MailboxDatabase -MountAtStartup $true

    + After that we restarted Information store by running following command

    Restart-Service ‘msexchangeis*’

    + After that we check on EMC and found all database mounted and mail flow start working fine

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