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    I have a customer where i have installed 2 servers on 2 different sites, between those servers i have a DFS-structure published wich is replicated between the servers. So the files are locally accesible for every user no matter wich office they are working at for the moment, everything is working fine til now.

    One of the employies at this company are saying 2 files “just disappeared” I checked the shadow copies of the folder and found those doc’s on one day before and the other a few days back. The folders looks exaktly the same on both servers and so did the shadow copys.

    So how can I find out what happend to those files, I dont know if they where deleted by a user och if there is some other kínd of trubble. I don’t think it’s a replication problem, if it was the “version” of the file would have been different, it wouldn’t disappear.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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