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    I am running XP Media Center, and inadvertenly installed Netware Client services. This disabled fast switching, and presented me with login prompt at start up. I have 2 accounts, an admin and a limited user.

    To correct the above I ran control userpasswords2, and clicked to skip the login prompt. Unfortunately, the limited user now logs on, and I cant get back to the admin account. If I return to control userpasswords2 and try to access with the admin account, I get rejected. Oddly, I can unlock the limited users windows with the admin account.

    I installed the NT Offline Password tool, ran it and noticed the admin account was locked out.. I unlocked it and blanked out the password (dont know how there ever was one). The utility said it wrote the changes back to SAM file.

    However, I still cant access the admin account. Is there a way to restore the login prompt (CTRL ALT DELETE X 2 does nothing) . Going to Safe mode there is no access to login prompt….Going to safe mode w/ cmd prompt I could not change users.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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