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    In a W2003 DC, within the “documents and settings” folder, you see all the local profiles for the people who have logged on to that server. Can someone tell me why you sometimes see two profile folders for a user e.g. “USER1” and “USER1.domain-netbios-name”. Sometimes you see more than two, e.g. USER1, USER1.netbios-domain-name1 and USER1.netbios-domain-name2, where netbios-domain-name2 is a trusting domain – in this situation I’ve always thought the profile for netbios-domain-name2 was there to keep the profiles separate (although I don’t know for what reason!). But why then do USER1 and USER1.netbios-domain-name1 need to be separate? Is it some sort of profile conflict, or maybe a consequence of remote logon v local console logon?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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