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    Hello All,
    I have recently run into a problem with one of my user’s workstations. I manage a small office of about fifteen workstations which are all connected to a Windows 2000 Advanced Server directory. The users like to move around a lot and on the slightest whim, so I’ve resorted to setting everything up with roaming profiles. I know, makes things complicated don’t it? That’s not the issue, however one of my regular employee’s workstation does not want to allow any domain based user to log in locally. That same user can log in at any other station in the building without a problem and download his roaming profile from the domain server.
    At this person’s station however I am unable to log in with ANY account unless it is a domain/enterprise admin account, any local user account, or one of the terminal accounts I have set up. Once again, any time I try to log in with any other account I get an error of “The local policy does not permit you to log on interactively.” I’ve got one hair of patience with this stupid computer left before I reformat it and reinstall everything, please help!

    Machine Specs:
    OS: Windows 2000 Professional SP4 with updates
    CPU: Dual Pentium III’s @ 700Mhz
    RAM: 768 MB
    NIC: Airlink 54G Wireless connection
    IP set by DHCP system

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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