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    Hi guys / Gals –
    Not sure if this is 100% the correct place for this topic but it seemed more applicable than the others so here goes.

    After some advice really – i hvae installed LCS2005 and distributed the Office Communicator software to all clients.

    I have also enabled Auditing of all msn/messenger chats in lcs2005

    This is all working a treat however does anyone know of a good / free / microsoft product which will allow our security/audinting department to easily interrogate the database containing the logged chats sessions.

    I know there is data in there as I have connected to the db and had a look at the data in the tables.

    Really just after a piece of advice on a product which makes it easier for the novice to interogate the data in there really – any help appreciated thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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