Linksys SPA8800

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    Dear all
    I have the following setup:
    1- Windows server 2012 R2 hosting the Lync server 2013 FE 2013 with latest updates
    2- Mediation server co-located with the same FE server
    2- Traditional Voice gateway (Cisco SPA8800) support the TCP SIP Connection
    3- 4 lines PSTN connected to Voice gateway FXO ports
    I know that the spa8800 not listed as a certified voice gateway but it supports the SIP over TCP and all required options to integrate with LYNC, when making all configurations i got message regarding the “options Messages” which sent from mediation server to voice gateway, I disabled the refer support and media bypass and restarted the mediation server but still getting errors regarding the OPTIONS and can’t make any calls
    I have no option to use deferent voice gateways,
    Your help please

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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