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Laptop Connectivity Issues [was:Oh My Dayzzzzzz!!!]

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    Hi everyone
    Can’t see anything like this topic anywhere so hope I’m not duplicating!
    I have a wireless network with my desktop and laptop computer’s which I installed a couple of years ago and which has been great so far.

    I haven’t used my laptop in a while after I formatted it to try and get rid of the partition created by the manufacturer! Anyway, I now find that I cannot get it to connect and I get messages saying that my network cables (?!) to both the Wi Fi and Ethernet thingies are disconnected! I have tried reformatting in case I’ve accidentally removed something (using the supplied discs from Acer) and I’ve uninstalled both items in device manager and rebooted to make them pick back up, which they did….but still I can’t connect to the wireless network! Am now at a loss and could use a few suggestions please? I’m not a very technical person but I have a very basic idea of things so if anyone can help I would be mist grateful.
    Thanks in Advance.
    MV x
    P.S. Desktop is fine…just the lappy playing silly wotsits.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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