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    So I decided to migrate from desktop to laptop and am aiming for some kind of desktop replacement. Now there are several ways I can do this … I can go for a laptop with 16” or better screen with additional switching ATI or nVidia video card with the idea that, powered, I would use the better graphics, on battery the onboard Intel video to save power.

    I can get a Sony Vaio VPCF13Z0E/B 16.4″ Core i7 Laptop (6GB,640GB)]Sony Vaio VPCF13Z0E/B 16.4″ Core i7 Laptop[/url] for £900 or so the basic spec of which is, Core-i7 (1.7 turbo to 2.9), 6GB, USB3, 640GB/7200, 16.4” screen with 1920×1080 (1920 x 1200) & blu-ray reader which is very good as the laptop sells for between £975 and £1200 elsewhere. Alternatively I can get a Samsung R780 17.3″ Core i5 for £723 or so the basic spec of which is Core-i5 (2.66 … I think they have a slight turbo as well, not sure), 4GB, USB2 (oh well), 640GB (not sure on spin rate), 17” screen (1600 x 900) with blu-ray.

    Both look good and yes, I’d like an i7 but I’m not sure I’d like it THAT much when I can save £150 on the Samsung and that’s still over what I’d originally wanted to pay (£700 max) … also I’m not that much of a gamer anymore.

    One option I’m looking at is to go for a lower spec machine with onboard video but buy some kind of docking station such as the Targus Expresscard Card Docking Station (though as far as I can tell the Samsung has no ExpressCard slot) but I’m not quite sure what kind of video they use in these devices … I’d like it to support 1gb net, HDMI/DVI, USB 3 etc. the basic idea being that I can more-or-less plonk my laptop down and with minimal reattachment get on and work as if on a desktop (with a large external monitor, keyboard and mouse). I like this idea because the laptop will likely be used at my desk most of the time.

    Any advice or info welcome :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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