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    We have a couple of staff who work in a local council office. They connect their laptops to the council office LAN, establish a VPN connection to our network and then do their work. The VPN is used for Internet access, IMAP access and of course their data which sits on our server.

    The powers that be who run the IT in the council office have decided that after 4 years of this working fine, that these 2 laptops pose a security risk (they could conceivably infect the council LAN with malware), and we have been told that we need to purchase a Wi-Fi device that can be setup so that it is permanently connected via VPN to our network. The two members of staff would then connect to the device and effectively be on our network.

    My question is, I have looked at products like Aerohive, but they seem pretty expensive from a charity perspective, so I was wondering if any UK forum members could recommend a device that has this capability and which may be cheaper.

    I ask because this is completely new to me and I don’t want to purchase something that is not up to the job.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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