KDC event error 11

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    I get this error event id: 11

    source: KDC

    There are multiple accounts with name cifs/PC12 of type DS_SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_NAME.

    Now my first initial reaction was that I have a duplicate SPN entry. However the strange thing is, this error is produced a new domain, domain controller – DNS, GC server. There are NO computer accounts or user accounts in that new domain. We are planning to migrate over later. This dc is windows 2003 standard server.

    now the pc name in question exists in our current windows 2000 domain.

    both domain fall under the same forest.

    i’ve exported the AD info using LDIFE and have searched for

    cifs/pc12 and no luck on both domains.

    i’ve searched for host/pc12 and of course only our windows 2000 domain finds it.

    the entries for its SPN are:

    servicePrincipalName: HOST/PC
    servicePrincipalName: HOST/pc12.nt.ad.sc.com

    which I believe is fine, since one is a netbios entry and the other FQDN. All the other 100 computers show the same 2 entries but each to their own unique computer names.

    so i am quite puzzled.

    1. why is this error showing up on a unused domain controller of a different domain? This error does not present itself on any of the dc’s in the current domain

    2. why does the SPN entry cifs/pc12 not exist in the old domain? (i’ve also tried cifs/pc13,14…, all don’t exist).

    any clues?

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