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    Ok. It is a bit complicated but I will try.
    First thing is first, some info about the system.

    – Domain is 2008, Domain controller is 2008 R2
    – Exchange 2010 SP1 (with hotfixes) on 2008 R2 ent.
    – We use Exchange DAG (2 servers)
    All of the system is virtual (on ESXi)
    There is a physical backup server with CA ARcserve r15 backup software

    Until 02/Jun everything is fine, we take document level backups and some occasional restores.
    At 02/Jun we face a disaster and had to reinstall the system and restore from backups.
    Everything is OK except Exchange….
    All of the attachments for all of the users are same. (Yes same…:confused:) a 404kb Excel file with name 2801.xls.

    Some of the mails (which originally have multiple attachments or one big attachment) have multiple attachment with names 2801.xls, 2802.xls, 2803.xls and so on… (all with 404KB and same content)
    We can open this common file and it is one of the attachments for one of the users.
    Even some of the mails which originally do not have any attachment are now with this common attachment.
    After a deeper inspect we face a second common file (KLG-09.pdf‎ (75 KB‎) a PDF file from someone’s mailbox.

    So to summarize:
    All of the attachments for all of the mails and for all of the users are; 2801.xls or KLG-09.pdf

    The new emails don’t have this problem. It is only related with the ones that we restore from the backup set.

    We have talked with CA but they told that it is not because of Arcserve and point Microsoft

    Even if you don’t have any idea some reply with sympathy is welcome also :sad:

    Thanks in advance…

    Ali Cem

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