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    Hello everyone.

    I am new in the forum and just started doing my MS Certification.
    I have build a home server and running into some issues that i thought i would ask help from here.

    Below are the scenario
    I have one Server 08 R2 – In Workgroup - (this server is running HYPER-V only) – this is connected to a ADSL router- (router DHCP is off ).
    I also have 3 Virtual Server 08R2 –
    1 server is running AD,DNS & DHCP role – (have created forward & reverse look up zones), – = this is my primary DNS which is the servers own IP and this is where the AD global catalogue is installed also.
    2nd server is running Exchange - &
    3rd server is running File server role –
    Workgroup server is connected to ADSL modem –
    A WIfi Router ( is connected to ADSL modem also ( DHCP off ) – all the 3 virtual machine connected to this wifi router + switch

    I also have 2 Windows 7 machine – Plan is that this 2 machine will get their ip from DHCP ( domain controller ) and I want to use them using the WIFI router connection.
    All the 3 servers are in the same subnet as you can see,

    When I created the virtual Exchange server and File server and joined them with the Domain controller ( it only took 2 seconds to join them.

    But the laptops, when I tried to connect them to the domain using a Cat5 cable from the WIFI router, took a significant 10 minutes to join and after joining when I try to log in to the laptop using a domain account over wifi or wired, it takes about 10 minutes to log in.
    My understand is that my laptops are having some problem resolving the domain controller name? in the laptop NIC, I have mentioned my primary dns is and enabled netbios over tcp/ip

    Nslookup from server & pc gives me same result also but can provide more info if required..

    Possible to shed some light please?

    thank you very much for taking the time to read and give your valuable thought.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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