I’ve been reading up on SBS 2011, and I’m very, very confused

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    Hello all,
    I thought that the wonderful folks around here may have some insight into this. I was reading up on the editions of Small Business server (not that I deal with it, but in case my future job calls me to do so), and I find some interesting discrepancies that Microsoft seems not to see or to imply that we know what they’re talking about. Firstly is the issue of how Exchange would be deployed on SBS 2008/2011 standard (I’ve never fooled with Exchange, never had to (yet)). I mean, if Microsoft talks about Exchange being in multi-server environments, how on earth do they expect for a standard SBS licensee to go for their SBS offerings if those are usually single-server networks without the Premium add-on as of 2011? and then there’s the issue of SQL server. If one does not want to fool with obtaining the premium add-on, how then can they install SQL Server? Can they purchase a regular Standard license to install on the Standard SBS Server? And then what about standard roles? Does SBS have the same roles as do the regular versions of Server? And then there’s the final thing I was confused about. What about Windows Standard FE (WinWESS)? You know the version of the core OS that’s the base of SBS? Is that available as a standalone for the 2011 editions? And if so, why would anyone want to use it when they have the foundation edition (what I have), that does virtually the same exact thing? Thanks for any clarifications from your point of view.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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