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    We have seen an issue last week where a couple of people using Outlook who replied to a message sent from our domain are getting non-delivery responses. The message was addressed to the recipients using a distribution list.

    We use Pegasus Mail as the mail client, and our mail server software is Mercury/32. We have been using Pegasus Mail since the 90’s, and Mercury/32 for nearly 10 years and we have no issues with either.

    What happened is that when the recipients (we are aware of three who were affected by this) use the Reply function Outlook puts the alias in the To: field. The From: field contains the full address.

    For example, the recipient opens my message and my address is shown in the From: field as [email protected]. Their mail client will have this listed in their contacts as Mark Blood = [email protected]. When they click reply, Outlook is placing ‘Mark Blood’ in the To: field and not [email protected]

    My question is has anyone seen this behaviour before and do you know what may be causing it?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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