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ISCSI SAN for HYPER-V Server 2012

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    Hey all.

    We have decided to make a move to HYPER-V Server 2012 from ESXi, we currently do not use a SAN and all Storage is local to the Host.

    we have 2 hosts, a DL580 with 1 TB local SAS Storage and a DL580 with just over 500GB local SAS storage.

    We are naturally looking at implemeting a SAN to make proper use of Live Migration and HA.

    The plan is to move the DL580 to a remote site with its local storage and replicate some VM’s from HYPER-V 2012 to it, as a cold site DR.

    we have 2x DL380’s for our main site already and will be looking to implement a SAN solution, currently looking at the Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV.

    I am looking for any advice really.

    # Is there a cheeper solution without comprimising a production environment, like using one of our Proliants as a SAN using software.

    # Any tips from experience.

    # Can you for see a better solution or something i could not be thinking about.

    Kind Regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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