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    Hi !

    I have some problems with ISA2000, hopefully, somebody from this forum
    will help me to resolve it. Any ideas will be greately appreciated :)

    Given: two locations – shop and HQ office.

    At shop the security company installed CCTV cameras with DVR box. That box attached to the local network in that shop. Shop is connected to the Internet using ADSL modem. The security application utilizes a few tcp ports.
    On ADSL modem I configured port forwarding in order to forward all incoming requests to DVR box.

    At HQ office, we have SBS2003 + ISA2000. In HQ office, manager’s laptop is connted to the local network. Goal: manager should be able to watch remotely a video picture from security camers of remote shop. Special application is installed onto manager’s laptop. But he can’t connected to the shop using that application because ISA2000 blocks these ports.
    I opened tcp ports for inbound and outbound. But no luck….
    Then I connected manager’s laptop to the Internet using dial-up modem and everything was fine. However, the speed of dial-up connection is not enough for remote video watch. ISA 2000 should be configured properly.

    Any ideas about how to resolve this problem?

    thank you,

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