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    Hey Everyone,

    My workspace receives about 40 spam emails a day (per user and all appear different) and I am looking at different ways to do this without going to a 3rd party program.

    My network consists of:
    a) Windows Server 2000 for O/S on all servers
    b) Windows XP Pro on all workstations
    c) Microsoft ISA server 2000 Enterprise Edition for our Proxy
    d) Microsoft Exchange 2000 for our exchange
    e) >100 workstations and still expanding

    now using ‘Google-fu’ I was able to come across a lot of information on how there is filtering and firewall set-ups in ISA 2004 but not a lot of info on ISA 2000 itself. I have looked for online books and tutorials on ISA 2000 since but nothing has surfaced yet. I am now sending out this request for a joining of the minds to speed up the overall process. :oops: I am also sad to say I am a little lost in how I am going to do this, since I will need to set looser restrictions on management b/c of external needs, while General users will have internal emails only. I know I can do this will groups but I’m not sure how to properly tackle the situation.

    I have started to deny websites, or should I say allow websites as i am trying to configure it so only certain websites are accessible and ALL other websites are blocked. I am doing this VIA the ISA server 2000. I have so far set it up so that I have allow groups [User Test] and [management Test] so that management is allowed full access while our CSR’s are locked to a select few sites.
    I am setting this up via Destination sets and Content Rules. I am wanting to know if the Active Directory Users & Computers mindset of “Deny overrides all” will apply in this scenario.

    Thank-you all in advance for whatever assistance you can provide,


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