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    Hi All,

    • We are using ISA server 2006 as web proxy in our environment.

    • For web proxy clients, basic authentication is set. Only authenticated users are allowed to pass their traffic through ISA.

    • All the outbound traffic is allowed.

    • IM softwares like MSN and Yahoo are working fine with all the clients except one.

    • There is a single client who can log on to MSN using ISA, but cannot login to Yahoo.

    • I did traffic monitoring in ISA, when the client tries to access Yahoo messenger ISA gives following error

    “12209 The ISA server requires authorization to fullfill the request. Access to web proxy filter is denied”

    Now that seems like an authentication failure. The interesting thing is that the same user can browse internet using internet explorer via ISA.

    can anybody give me any idea whats going wrong here?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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