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    company has given me this project which i have to complete.
    our network 192.168.XXX.1/254 is contected to our corporate office whose network is 192.168.yyy.1/254 through a router whose gateway is
    recently we took aleased line from ISP with Private ip on the router is through this line we will run our email as well internet.with isa 2004 std. i have done nothing till now i want to know what steps i have to take with isa 2004 server with three network cards, one to ISP, one headoffice on to local LAN. how to configure the ISA so that exchange works through ISP and our ERP system called CICS works thorugh headoffice line.some users can get internet through hedoffice and some through ISP. please note there are two routers, three NIC and one ISA 2004 on W2003 server ent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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