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    ISA 2004 on Win2K3 member server of private domain in home. 2 NIC’s. When I connect cable modem to external interface of ISA box and set that interface to use DHCP, it gives me error message stating “Invalid Address – unable to aquire DHCP address”. Tried different NIC, different straight through cable between, crossover cable between, ipconfig /release and /renew, etc., The interface “connects” but does not retrieve a DHCP address from the ISP. IP Address listed in ipconfig /all is with class A subnet mask. The ISP confirms that an DHCP address exists for my network but it might have been the one generated from before when my router/firewall was requesting a DHCP address. BTW, Internal interface is not connected at all. I am logged onto the ISA box with cached credentials and working only with the external NIC. Any ideas on why the box can’t talk to the ISP? Do I have to configure a setup to inform the ISA server that this is the topology I am using?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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