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Is this spec enough?

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    I previously thought my server was a good enough spec, however, someone has since told me it would run slowly with just 1 processor.

    I am planning on running ESX3.5 with 2 OS’s, one would be an AD server and the other a Terminal Server. The terminal server would be used for mainly running a database, which runs on an access base, so not too bad. There would be a max of 8 users at a time.

    I’ve got an IBMx3400 server with a Xeon 1.6 quad core processor. I have 6Gb of RAM. 2 x 73Gb SCSI hard drives, 15000rpm and 16MB cache.

    I thought it should run fine, but since someone who knows quite a bit about VM has said it might run slow I’m not so sure.

    Can someone offer advice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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