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    I’ve setup a computer dedicated to P2P traffic using BitTorrent, eMule, ShareAza & BearShare. My router, Netgear DG834G, has uPNP which I assumed would allow the P2P clients to open up their own ports as they wished but this did not work with any of the P2P clients, so I created Services foe each client (stating the ports used by each) and then created manual firewall rules to redirect each service to my P2P (fixed-IP) computer.

    P2P traffic seemed to be running a bit slow and my router is sending me administrative emails like the following:

    UDP Packet – Source:,50785 Destination:,1626 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61963 Destination:,1624 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61640 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,50786 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61964 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60286 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60287 Destination:,1626 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60286 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60288 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,4438 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61351 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61352 Destination:,1626 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,61353 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60115 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60116 Destination:,1626 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60117 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,38734 Destination:,1627 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,50841 Destination:,1625 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,50842 Destination:,1626 – [DOS]
    UDP Packet – Source:,60285 Destination:,1624 – [DOS]

    Note that they are all UDP packets. Is this a Denial Of Service from an external source or is my router not accepting P2P traffic on UDP ports 1625-1627?

    The P2P computer is Windows 2003 SP1 Server with no software firewall.

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