is microsoft knowledge base still working?

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    Hi all
    lats time i checked my event logs on a server 2003 i saw an exchange error report
    it was more as a warrning that said we have to buy more mail boxes licences for exchange. (now its related to microsoft). when i was geting the event id and wanted to go find help it get me a microsoft page with no help of a knowledge base. it is not taking me to the right location that the event id should take me as it was before.

    the same happense to any event that i need to find microsofts help for it.
    can it be that the knowlege bases or microsoft help were stoped?
    due to exchange missing mail licences or something like that?

    does any 1 have any idea?
    (except buying the licences since we soon will get them anyway).

    thnx all

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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