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    I’ve been reading some stuff on another forum (zomg!) and it’s actually making me consider all sorts of things in regards IPv6.
    I’m not real strong on the network side of things though, so this is possibly a dumb question.

    If I was building a network for a new client, for arguments sake, a greenfields site for a startup business, would it be possible to, for instance, make the entire internal network ipv6 only, but still have it route outwards over an ipv4 gateway onto the ipv4 network ?

    (considering so few isps probably provide ipv6 or dualstack)

    I mean, there’s the obvious question of “why?” If I was building a network of ~100 devices for instance, there;s no need to go ipv6 on that network at all – I can use one (possibly 2 if necessary) class C ranges, and NAT it over a single front-end IP address, no big deal there.

    But.. just for amusements, or interests sake.. future proofing this theoretical business, until such time as ipv6 becomes widely avaiable on the internet, and suddenly we can publish a whole route to their internal network if required

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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