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    I have two 2003 Servers which I’m trying to setup IPSec between. One server is on the domain, the other is in a workgroup on it’s own.

    I want to setup Certificates to secure the authentication, but am having some probs. IPSec has been tested with Pre-Shared keys, but hangs on negotiating when using Certificates.

    On the domain is a 2000 Enterprise CA which I’ve applied for Certificates from for IPSec and installed on each server and then linked to the IPSec policy. Also, on the workgroup server, I’ve installed the CA Path. I’ve followed this article from MS when installing the Cert on each server.


    Have I missed something obvious out here or can anyone confirm if this setup should actually work or not or give me some pointers?

    Many Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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