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    Current Environment is Exchange 2010 SP1 (2 servers running 14.01.0218.013) We have TMG2010 deployed in the DMZ configured for ActiveSync and OWA.

    We have a few users reporting that when accepting meeting invites or sending read receipts the end user receives the notification multiple times. Now I can see in the logs the mail being sent multiple times and I’ve found other reports of this:


    Anyone else seen anything similar with a resolution? from what I understand it seems like the 3G connected device doesn’t receive the acknowledgement from the Exchange server saying that the mail was sent and tries to send it again and again until the mail is confirmed.

    My next steps will probably be to patch the Exchange server to the latest update and patches and then raise with MS unless anyone knows or has see this before with a valid resolution?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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