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    G’day all

    Been awhile since I posted but after seeing all these complaints about HP – has anyone had any dealings with Iomega lately? We have had a hell of a problem – we supplied 3 of the Iomega Rackmount NAS devices to different customers. All of them have the same problem despite being at different sites in different configurations. They hang and become unresponsive every 3 to 4 days with no errors in the Event Logs forcing you to make a manual reboot (pressing the power button is the only thing that will work).

    Now how is this for crap support

    – Iomega refuse to warranty the device other than to replace parts (ie. Motherboard, memory etc etc).

    – They expect us to replace the parts ourselves as they will not send a technician onsite.

    – The warranty is RTB and as such they expect us to take the NAS device down and therefore supply a replacement device and undertake a transfer of all data to alternate devices (300gb to 400gb – takes a LONG time and has to be done after hours).

    – We have done this of course – NAS device gone for 2 weeks and comes back with same problem. Again we had to transfer all data back onto the NAS before we could identify that therproblem was still there.

    – Since receiving the “repaired” device we have ourselves replaced every single part inside the case and reinstalled the IOS twice under instruction from Iomega. Upon installing the IOS (again each time we had to transfer data to an alternate location) blue screens were experienced throughout the IOS installation process proving beyond doubt that hardware/IOS is the root cause of the problem.

    – We said we wanted a replacement device and they sent us a second hand device still with data from the previous company on the HDD’s and dents/dings all over the case. Said this was the best they could do and did not want to hear from us again.

    – One of their high level support technicians in Singapore accidentally let drop in conversation to one of my staff that they were “aware” of this problem across all of these devices and “did not know how to fix the problem”.

    So I wanted to let you all know as a head’s up and also to see if anyone else has had the same problem? If you have please contact me offline as we are now with the support of 3 of our clients undertaking legal action to get our money back on these devices.

    Anyone else – don’t buy an Iomega NAS device.

    Matthew Beesley

    Premier Network Support Management P/L
    Suite 830
    1 Queens Rd
    Melbourne 3004

    Looks like one to be a bit wary of even if only half of what is said is true.

    Permission given to Henry Craven SBS MVP, Melbourne SBS Users Group to pass on the above internationally. As a User Group Member I take it that permission applies to me as well.

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