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    As the editor of a little Club news letter it has become obvious to me what a complete farce copyright on the wonderful Internet has become. We are constantly told that EVERY site is protected by universal copyright, unless as is rarely the case like mine it clearly states it is all Freeware. So why is there such a vast amount of information proudly displayed all over the net if we are not supposed to make use of it such a republishing elsewhere without permission.

    This is especially the case when the majority of authors of such material do not have the courage to publish their email address in order to seek permission, and often fail to answer such requests if submitted. I have even seen sites that boldly claim all information is FREE, yet still display a silly copyright notice at the foot with no link to contact the owners of the site

    Mad, mad internet

    Gordon S.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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