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    We are challenging a VPN problem between Canada and Mexico.
    We are running commercial firewalls/routers and VPN at each end.
    The Internet in Canada and Mexico are stable at 99.99%

    However the VPN the 2 sites have constant slow down and often disconnect.
    We may say the VPN is up 85% of the time. Even if the internet still up at 100% !!

    The other strange thing is something the VPN won`t come back by itself. We need to manually disconnect VPN both end. Let them idle for a while. Then re-enable them to make it work. Soon the VPN is up we test with a ping -t and 50% of pings work.

    When the VPN is up the ping -t works for about 8/10 pings due to time outs. VPN still up but seems the route is to slow.

    Do you ever experimented VPN problems similar to that. We have more complex setup in Canada and US and we never get this of problem.

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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