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    In view of the pending withdrawal of support for Win XP next year, I am soon at last installing Win 7 in this PC with its 3 GB of RAM.

    Is there any real point installing 2 year old NVIDIA drivers from a CD supplied when I bought this PC, if I find the sound, Display and Broadband works OK after downloading all the Windows updates needed? The CD will include SP1

    I propose to use a Linux Windows Repair disk to delete all the present folders and files except my Photos, Music and Docs after transferring the docs onto a new Folder names say DOCs. Will this ensure installing Win 7 will not delete these? I hope I will be given the option NOT to allow it to format the drive? I will backup the above to DVDs anyway

    Finally to avoid all the Admin fuss Win 7 makes each time you install or change software in its Programs Folder, is there any reason why I should not install all new software in a Folder I create named say Software?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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