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    Hello! :D

    I have installed a new FaxServer, which is based un a Linux OS (bought it from a local company) so that we can print our file and will be sent by fax (Like GFI FaxMaker)

    There is a shared printer on that Linux server, which all computer can see, but there is only one complication. When I want to connect the printer, I need to specify a printer driver, which is the: HP Laserjet 4/4MP PS (Which is already builtin Windows)

    Is there any way from the GPO, to force a computer to connect this printer, with the windows driver of: HP Laserjet 4/4MP PS ?

    By the way, the domain controller is a 2003 for the GPO.

    Thanks for any help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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