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    Usually when i installed active directory i let the dcpromo wizard install and configure dns service on the actual domain controller. But i need to do an installation where i do not want to install the dns service on the domaincontroller. I done a such installation in a lab environmen but does not get this to work. Here is what i have done:

    1.Install dns service on a member server
    2.Created a forward lookup zone and a reverse lockup zone (primary zone)
    3.Configured the zones to use nonsecure and secure dynamic updates (i will change this to secure later after the domain controller is online.
    4.Created a A record for the domaincontroller in the forward lookup zone (and a reverse ptr)
    5. Checked that i can ping the dns server from the new dc by hostname, Ok

    Next step is the dcpromo:
    I uncheck the box about to install dns and click next. But i got a failure DNS server failure.”
    “The wizard encountered an error while trying to determine if the DNS server with which this Active Directory domain controller will register supports dynamic updates.

    The primary DNS server tested was: dns1 (

    The zone was:”
    The test for dynamic DNS update support returned:
    “DNS server failure.”
    (error code 0x0000232A RCODE_SERVER_FAILURE)

    should i have done this in another way? Have i missed something? Do i need to prepare the dns server in a different way (add some service?)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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