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    I have a couple of clients using Outlook 2002 (XP) who are having a problem viewing attachments. 95% of my users do not have this problem.

    The problem only sometimes and only from certain external senders.

    The recipient receives a message with a paper clip indicating that there is an attachment. When they try to view/open the attachment they can’t see it. In the header of the email (where the attachments would normally be) they can see spinner arrows but when they scroll to find the attachment, it’s not there. In some cases, for instance if there are multiple attachments, they see the semi-colons that separate the attachments but they cannot see the attachments.

    The workaround is that they forward the email to me. I can see the attachments. Then I forward the email back to them and they can now see the attachments.

    Any ideas?

    William Gordon

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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