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    Hello, I just have a few questions regarding the recovery of my Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes after a reinstall with Exchange Server 2007. Basically what happened was that I had a major system crash with Server 2003 R2 running Exchange Server 2003. After countless effort to recover I decided to upgrade the server and re-install a fresh copy of Server 2003 R2 but with Exchange Server 2007 on a new SATA drive. I still have access to my old Server drive as I kept it in the system. What I’m wanting to do is take the mailbox and information store that are accessible on that drive and migrate them into Exchange Server 2007, so that I don’t lose any e-mails, rules, etc. Is there anybody out there that can assist in accomplishing this, if it’s even at all possible? Any response are appreciated very much, in advance. Thanks.

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