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    hello every1

    i was wondering if anyone has already implemented an ipv6 network (containing windows xp, 7, server 2008, r2, some linux boxes, and cisco networking equipment) and can recommend some good documentation, best practices, books etc. based on the, hopefully successful :D, implementation of such a network.

    i’ve been reading the ipv6 transition paper microsoft has published on technet, as well as a few other sources of information and believe to have aquired a solid base knowledge of the matter.

    however, none of these sources offers a framework / plan of what to do, in which order, and what aspects to pay special attention to.
    i’d appreciate it if someone could share their experience. i am sure a lot of you guys will face such a project in the next couple of years, too :beer:

    thx a lot :p

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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