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    Hi guys,

    We plan to replace our Win 2000 DC. When I say replace I refere to both, hardware and OS which will be Win 2003 R2 Standard Edition. The steps we want to follow are:
    -run R2 ADPREP on the 2000 DC from the 2nd disc of the R2 CD (Cmpnentsr2adprep)
    -DCPROMO new server as a domain controller.
    -Wait for the AD stuff to replicate. Move the FSMO roles to the new w2003 box.
    -Demote the old server.
    The question is: “Is this going to have any impact on my 2003 Exchange Server(runs on different machine than DC and OS is w2003 R2)?”. Do I have to rerun the adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep on the new DC for the Exchange Server?.
    Thank you.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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