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    I have questions that are related to the post from 2-days ago (jamm), as my company has been experiencing a similar problem.

    1) Does Microsoft publishes IMF update release (KB907747) documentation for each IMF update release date? If so, how can I access this?

    2) Have there been recent changes made to IMF defense vectors that would impact the Gateway Blocking Configuration filtering of emails containing attachments?

    I’m interested in understanding what changes were made to Microsoft’s IMF release date Feb 01, 2007, January 11, 2007, etc. I’m not looking for technical specifics, but general info, such as whether changes were made to IMF to prevent malicious emails with attachments reaching Exchange clients. We’d like to use this information to troubleshoot a recent issue we’ve had with emails that are filtered out via the Gateway Blocking Configuration.

    Here’s what we’re experiencing:

    In the last 2-3 weeks, emails have been filtered out by the Gateway Blocking Configuration threshold, as opposed to falling into the Store Junk E-mail Configuration threshold. The Gateway Blocking Configuration filtered emails had word docs and .fla files attached to them, with business-related subject headings. The emails did not strike us as the type that could be filtered by the Gateway Blocking Configuration.

    Currently, our Gateway Blocking Configuration is set to 7, with our Store Junk E-mail Configuration set to 4.

    Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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