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    I seem to be having a problem with IMF. Win serv 2003 Exchange 2003 SP2(no previous imv v1) .All is set up correctly . I have updated registry with the automatic updates option. I currently have the setting at 1 to archive(should stop virtually everything) and only picks up a couple a day with many slipping through. I cannot see any performance counters for IMF( have gone through all the posts on reviewing and activating counters but they dont exist) . Have run Exctrlst also and dont have any errors in event viewer.
    I am unsure what the dll file is to register for imf in registry.
    I do have trend interscan virus wall and did get a suggestion that this may be stripping the exch50 blob on the messages.(not sure what this is).
    trend uses port 25 and forwards all passed emails to port 2525 on our server.
    Trend should check all email as they come in and any that get passed should go through the IMF filter and then forward on to staff.(presume this is correct)
    The only spam that is going into the archive folder are users that dont exist on our domain. Without the counters I cant see any IMF activity.
    I have reviewed all links I can find and seem to have it all set correctly but to no avail. Can anyone please give me some fault finding exercises to find the cause.

    As a follow up I have run wbemtest under win32_perf and the resultant list shows the following IMF listing

    Under MSExchangeUCF in registry I dont have an entry of “disable performance counters” entry. Is this correct.

    Many Thanks

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