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    Ok here we go:

    I bought a computer from a friend for 50$ because he forgot the admin password or username/password. I get the laptop and I open it up and try and work the magic i pride myself on. 3 hours go by and nothing. Here are the details of my situation. It’s a compaq Evo n610c. When I boot the intro screen comes up and has 3 options i can choose from: ctrl+s for setup options, f10 for rom based setup, and f12 for network service boot.

    I press ctrl+s and I get the “Intel(R) Boot Agent FE v4.1.09 Setup Menu”. In this menu I have 5 different things i can change: Network Boot Protocol, Boot Order, Show Setup Prompt, Setup Menu Wait Time, and Legacy OS Wakeup Support. Under the Network Boot Protocol I can shoose from “RPL (Remote Program Load)”, and “PXE (Preboot eXecution Evnironment)”. Under Boot Order the only option I have is “Use BIOS Setup Boot Order”. Under Show Setup Prompt I have “enabled” and “disabled”. Under Setup Menu Wait time I have 0,2,3, and 5 seconds. and finally under Legacy OS Wakeup Support I have “enabled” and “disabled”.

    I press f10 for rom based setup and get the “Administrator Password” screen which i don’t have.

    I press f12 and I get to the “hardware profile/configuration recovery menu: This menu allows you to select a hardware profile to be used when windows is started. If your system is not starting correctly, then you may switch to a previous system configuration, which may overcome startup problems. IMPORTANT: System configuration changes made since the last successful startup will be discarded.” then I have 2 options “LAN / NIC” and “Modem Only” Both of which take me to the login screen which I have neither a user name/password.

    Ok so what I want to do is factory reboot/wipe the computer. There is only a cd-rom (no floppy drive) and I don’t have a boot cd to boot with anyway. Also there is no option to “boot from cd drive” anywhere that I can see and belive me I have looked. Anyhelp would be much appreciated.

    P.S. I’m new :) nice to meet yall

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