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    I am having a problem creating the home directories via the home folder path
    in the user profile.

    Each time I give the path: Example \servernamefolder nameuser

    It tells me that the “folder was not created because I do not have create
    access on the server” It then goes on to say that it has updated the user
    account with the new home folder value but i must create the folder manually
    after obtaining required access rights.

    I am logged on as the administrator and am in the Domain Admin, Enterprise
    Admin groups as well. I am using 2003 server.

    But to solve this what i do is add the Administrator to the share permission and give it full control in the parent folder which is “folder name” in my example. I dont know if its the best practice but it solves my problem.
    Am I missing something? Please help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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