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    Hello Team,

    I wondered if anyone had ran into this issue before. I’m experiencing the my site is down almost daily, meaning the site is down.

    “The Web application at [url]https://…..com[/url] could not be found”

    I was able to do a bandage by going into the IIS -> right click on the site-> Browse. Then the site suddenly alive again. It is odd but that is how it worked. I try to restart the IIS services. I didn’t have any luck. but it works by browsing to the site from IIS console.

    I’m thinking my IIS sites are conflicting with each other. See the attachment. The IIS has three sites that assigned to the the same IP/port
    -Default Website
    -SP80 (Primary site)

    I think (not sure) that the Default Site and SP2 is not being use. I might just disabled it temporary to see if this issue still occurred.

    I just want to check if any has experiencing a similar issue.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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